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Athletics Mission Statement



Southwestern University, under the auspices of the United Methodist Church, is committed to undergraduate liberal arts education involving both the study of and participation in significant aspects of our cultural heritage, expressed primarily through the arts, the sciences, the institutions, and the professions of society.  The core purpose is that of fostering a liberal arts community whose values and actions encourage contributions toward the well-being of humanity.  To this end, the Southwestern University community has agreed upon a set of core values that serve as the guiding principles of the institution:

  • Promoting lifelong learning and a passion for intellectual and personal growth.

  • Fostering diverse perspectives.

  • Being true to oneself and others.

  • Respecting the worth and dignity of persons.

  • Encouraging activism in the pursuit of justice and the common good.


The programs within the Department of Intercollegiate Athletics promote the mission of Southwestern University by placing the highest priority on the academic success and overall quality of the educational experience of each student-athlete.  By adhering to the NCAA Division III (DIII) philosophy, the Athletic Department strives to enable the integration of student-athletes with other students in the University’s community. A primary goal of the Athletic Department is for all aspects of its sports programs to reflect Southwestern’s commitment to the principles of amateur athletics and ethical conduct. The Athletic Department promotes sportsmanship by stressing civility, fairness, honesty and respect toward teammates, officials and opponents.  Further, the Athletic Department places emphasis on the health and welfare of its student-athletes. The Athletic Department endeavors to support the mission of the University by joining with efforts to implement programs and to deliver services that provide fair and equitable treatment of all individuals and a values-centered education of the whole person.


Colleges and universities in Division III place a high priority on the overall quality of the educational experience and on the successful completion of all students’ academic programs. They seek to establish and maintain an environment in which a student-athlete’s athletic activities are conducted as an integral part of the student-athletes educational experience, and in which coaches play a significant role as educators.  They also seek to establish and maintain an environment that values cultural diversity and gender equity among their student-athletes and athletics staff.